Ibanez TSV808

The Ibanez TSV808 is a collaboration with Vemuram, a popular boutique pedal manufacturer in Japan. Billed as a “Next Generation Tubescreamer” the TSV808 is a marriage of the Tubescreamer and Vemuram’s Jan Ray overdrive. Aesthetically it looks fairly similar to the standard Tubescreamer, but underneath the hood it combines the familiar mid-boost EQ curve of the Tubescreamer with the expanded dynamic and frequency range of the Jan Ray.

It also features a hand-crafted bass enclosure, as well as an output volume that is 7dB higher than the standard Tubescreamer.

We added it to our article about the best Tube Screamer clones and reissues. – Brandon Stoner

Here’s the demo of this pedal we shot at NAMM 2019. See more of our pedal demo shot at NAMM 2019 with 60 Cycle Hum here. We also have a list organized by kind of effect in two pages here and here.