Volta 1987 V2

The 1987 v2 is a two-channel overdrive designed to sound like a Plexi hot-rod pushed to the max. Hand-made in Italy by a company that recently changed its name from Nabla to Volta Custom, this is, in essence, an overdrive with a foot-switchable boost appropriately called “11,” whose gain can be controlled through the Eleven knob.

Your “regular” Drive, Tone and Level knobs are integrated by two 3-way toggles offering different voicings and mid-frequency content.

The Tight toggle delivers fatter tones on both overdrive and boost in the down position, brighter and more defined ones on both in the center position. In the up position, it will be bright and defined when the overdrive is on, and get fatter when you hit the 11 footswitch.

The Mids toggle interacts with the Mids knob to deliver more or less pronounced mids, with a more pronounced hump in the up position, a scoop in the down position, and flat mids in the center one.

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