VVco Pedals Dark Father Preamp

From a company that prides itself on releasing unconventional and playful-looking pedals comes the VVco Pedals Dark Father Preamp, a pedal filled with buttons reminiscent of electronic toys from the ’80s, that can deliver a wide range of tones thanks to its overdrive, lo-fi fuzz, two boosts, and 3-band eq circuits.

The pedal has three modes (two Boost and one Preamp). The overdrive is voiced after a DoD 250 while the two boosts are a silicon and a germanium diode hybrid boost. These circuits can only be played separately – can’t be stacked on top of each other – but the fuzz and the EQ can be added to each mode through the red Lo-Fi and EQ buttons. The blue “Force” button will add a boost in volume to the preamp/overdrive section.

Two faders on the sides of the pedal control the master output and the blend of clean and processed signal.

VVco Pedals Dark Father Preamp, Builder’s Notes

A preamp pedal with vintage overdrive, lo-fi fuzz, two boosts, and eq. With a classic overdrive style, modeled after the original DoD 250 preamp. Crank it up for a heavy overdrive or use it as a clean tone. The silicon boost, and the germanium diode hybrid boost. Can give your natural tone that extra transparent boost you want without over-saturation. Or maybe just our new lo-fi fuzz is all you need. With a retro gritty tone, it will never disappoint.

Pedal instructions: Use the pedal in preamp mode or boosts mode. Boosts work independently from the preamp and not at the same time. Lo-fi fuzz can be used with either the preamp or boosts. Only use engage one boost at a time. Boost cannot be stacked.

FORCE-Preamp overdrive dB boost, Blue Pushbutton
EQ- Equalizer Bypass on/off, Red Pushbutton
LIGHT- Silicon Transistor clean boost, On/Off White Pushbutton
DARK- Germanium Diodes + Silicon transistor hybrid dirt boost, On/Off White Pushbutton
LOFI- Low fidelity fuzz, on/off Red Pushbutton
? – Treble control, red led slider
?- Mids control, red led slider
? -Bass control, red led slider
MASTER- Master output volume slider
SABER- Guitar input signal blend slider, mix wet and dry signals
Control knob- master gain
Control knob- boost gain, This boost is based on classic 1960’s recording console input, with negative feedback control that crackles when turned, hence the “crackle is ok”.

All buttons luminate
True Bypass stomp switch- soft click

FREE original DARK FATHER artwork -digital download by Sketchy Pedals

Pedal Specs:

Dimensions: 145 X 121 X 39.5mm(enclosure 1590XX)
Black Matte Paint
9-volt negative input (power supply not included) 100mA
True Bypass
100% hand-wired and hand-built
1/4″ input/output-PureTone Premium blackjacks