Valco IMP Boost

Like the pedals in the company’s KGB series, the Valco IMP Boost leverages a Variable Impedance Selector to alter the feel and response of your entire signal chain – or not if used as a simple boost pedal!

Compatible with both line-out and instrument-out levels, the IMP Boost will soften your dynamics/transients at low impedance setting, conveying a warmer, vintage-sounding feel to your tone. Higher levels deliver a more modern and aggressive sound, brighter and with in-your-face dynamics.

The pedal is more effective when placed in front of the signal chain.

Check out our video of it!

Valco IMP Boost, Builder’s Notes

The VALCO IMP BOOST takes the Variable Impedance Selector function from our KGB Series and turns it into a standalone Boost pedal that’s capable of dramatically changing the feel and response of your pedalboard and/or amp.

Use it at the front of your chain for a gain boost or use it at the end of the chain for a volume boost.

The Variable Input Impedance works best with passive instruments (guitar/bass) and allows tone-sculpting with or without the boost output engaged. Lower settings yield softer dynamics/transients with a notable ‘rounded/vintage’ feel and tone. Higher settings give a sharper high frequency response with a more direct/aggressive transient feel and more perceived gain. This makes for a great ’shaping’ control, where you can tune the pedal for its best response to the pickups you are using and how you want them to react/feel. Adjust the impedance accordingly to tone sculpt and then use the output to determine how much, if any, of a boost you need.

We recommend placing the VALCO IMP BOOST at the beginning of your signal path (best if you can plug your guitar straight into it) to get the most tone variation/benefit. While it works well later in your chain after other gain pedals (distortion, overdrive, fuzz, etc) to give them a ‘clean’ volume boost, the IMP Boost was designed to work best at the beginning of your chain.


• Variable Input Impedance Selection
• Output Control ranging from -8dB Cut to +24dB Boost.

Impedance Selector – Changes the input impedance value, allowing you to change the tonality of the dry signal or any other pedal down the line. Recreates lower impedance sounds of vintage pedals. Allows you to alter/tune the transient/dynamic response of your guitar and signal path.

OUTPUT – Controls the overall output volume of the pedal.
•1/4” Input.
•1/4’ Output.

Power: The KGB IMP BOOST can be powered by a standard 9V center?negative AC adapter or 9V battery.
Dimensions: 7.09″ length X 4.33″ width X 3.43″ height (180mm X 110mm X 87 mm)