Victory V1 Copper Drive

The Victory V1 The Copper is an amp-in-a-box that completes the three-member family of pedals inspired by the British company’s Copper V35 amplifier, which, in turn, is voiced after the Vox AC-30.

Released in a V1 line comprising four more pedals, this compact pedal version was designed in collaboration with Adrian Thorpe of ThorpyFX, tasked with injecting the jangle, chime, and grit of an EL84-style amplifier. The V1 doesn’t have tubes, but you won’t be able to tell.

The result is a simple amp-in-a-box drive with controls for Volume, Gain, Bass, Tone and Treble – whereas its two bigger siblings (both called Copper V4) are a full-fledged power amp you can plug into your cab, and an overdrive with just a preamp stage.

Here are the first videos of it. We added the Victory V1 The Copper to our article about the best Vox-style pedals, directly at #1!!!

Victory V1 Copper Drive, Builder’s Notes