Updated Jun. 8, 2022

BLAMMO! Electronics Buzzaround Fuzz

Portland’s BLAMMO! Electronics is on a mission to build variants of all the classic vintage pedals, and today is the turn of the Burns Buzzaround Fuzz: enter the BLAMMO! Buzzaround Fuzz, produced in a limited number of 25 units.

This device adds a master Volume knob to the original Sustain, Timbre and Balance control, the latter acting as a Bias starve control to one of the transistors, generating gated/velcroy sounds at lower settings and a fuller and wide open fuzz tones at higher ones.

Sustain is a gain control, while Timbre affects the tone in a rather aggressive way, and in part affects the volume too.

BLAMMO! Electronics Buzzaround Fuzz

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