Anasounds Dystopia

The Anasounds Dystopia is a delay pedal for adventurous musicians who enjoy pushing their gear beyond its conventional use: as suggested by its name, it can transform your guitar into a noisy, unconventional tool, while pushing sonic boundaries and venturing into noise territory when pushed to the extreme.

A limited edition is available for ordering only from December 1st to the 17th, the Dystopia leverages the legendary PT2399 chip but with a dirtier voicing emphasized by a noisier and crunchier preamp. It acts more as a booster than an overdrive and is positioned after the delay repeats, creating a vintage sound that can become overwhelming and chaotic.

The Pain knob at the center of the pedal adjusts the built-in modulation with four selectable types (tape echo, vibrato, lo-fi, and ring mod). For each type you can control speed and depth, transitioning from gentle motion to absolute destruction. The Pain knob also allows you to program the built-in sequencer—a two, three, or four-step sequencer, with a distinct Time setting for each step that introduces pitch variation with an adjustable glide effect. The result is a captivating tool for sonic experimentation, reminiscent of the best modular synths.

If traditional delays have left you wanting, but you’re unwilling to compromise on sound quality, the Anasounds Dystopia might be an inspiring alternative.