August is over and done, and because of this we did our monthly “Stompbuzz” thing, i.e. we looked at our Google search terms to see what new effects the pedal lovers around the world are looking up! Due to the fact that August is widely seen as an off month, in our top ten there wasn’t a lot of movement compared to the July edition: 9 out of 10 pedals stayed the same, with the exception of the brand new TC Ditto Plus.

This new appointment with the most popular pedals of the moment is called The Monthly StompBuzz – click the link to see the previous editions, listing the most searched new pedals per each month.

The list below highlights the stompboxes that had the most Google searches in the Month of August 2020* – this is data, not opinion!

Click on the links below to read our coverage and video aggregation.

  1. (+1) Chase Bliss Preamp MK II Automatone
  2. (+2) DSM & Humboldt Simplifier
  3. (-3) Poly Digit/Beebo
  4. (-1) Hologram Microcosm
  5. (-4) Chase Bliss Audio Blooper
  6. (New) TC Ditto Plus
  7. (-1) GFI Specular Tempus
  8. (-1) 1981 Inventions DRV
  9. (-4) Cornerstone Gladio
  10. (=) GFI Synesthesia

Check out the gallery below for brief descriptions about each pedal (mouse-over or first tap) and video demos (on click or second tap).

*The data is collected from our Google Search Console.