Best New Pedal Releases | August 2023

August is traditionally a slow month in pretty much any sector except for tourism, but the pedal realm was an exception this year, with a fair amount of notable announcements.

Numerically speaking, there weren’t a lot of new releases, but there were certainly some intriguing ones, in particular the announcement of three pedal lines by Universal Audio, JHS, and TC Electronic.

like a Chase Bliss/Empress collaborative delay, EarthQuaker’s first foray into multi-mode reverb territory, a phaser pedal by Fender designed together with a country legend, and a couple of real spring reverb pedals. Also some new klones and fuzztortions!

You can browse through the releases in the interactive galleries below.

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Best New Pedal Lines Released in August 2023

Best New Non-Gain Pedals Released in August 2023

Best New Fuzz Pedals Released in August 2023

Best New Gain Pedals Released in August 2023