Echoline Pedals Everest

Hand-built in the UK, the Echoline Pedals Everest Overdrive emulates the driven tone of valve amps thanks to an original design featuring two special NOS germanium diodes in conjunction with Texas Instruments Op-Amps for a warm valve amplifier-like feel.

Responsive, rich and articulate, this simple three-knob drive might be what the doctor ordered to revive a stale tone! Check out the demo below.

The Everest Overdrive is a super responsive and articulate sounding medium gain overdrive pedal.

We’ve used special NOS germanium diodes for a warm valve amplifier-like feel with a rich and full range frequency response that is perfect for anything from growly edge of breakup tones, crunchy indie-rock, and searing classic rock / blues leads.


Laser-etched faceplate

Class A Line Driver built in

2 x NOS 1970’s Military spec Germanium diodes

Texas Instruments Op-Amps

1% metal film resistors, Wima / Kemet capacitors

Alpha pots, Neutrik jack sockets, heavy duty footswitch

Standard 9vDC (centre negative) power input