Best New Pedal Releases | August 2022

Our appointment with the best pedals released in August 2022 is a little late this month due to the Labor Day festivities, but it’s here nonetheless!

Pedal releases by major builders picked up a little bit last month after a very slow July. The supply chain issues still affecting the chip market were probably still at play, since most of the released pedals were analog or featured not very sophisticated digital components.

By far the most buzzworthy new announcement was Analog Man first collaboration with a “mainstream” pedal builder, which produced the MXR Duke of Tone. Worthy of note were also the studio-grade releases by Walrus Audio and Spaceman FX, respectively inspired by classic rack compression and EQ units.

Check out the full list of releases in the interactive galleries below, and when you are ready to buy, please don’t forget to use the affiliate links, that’s what is allowing us to publish this blog!

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Best New Pedal Releases | August 2022: Gain Pedals

Best New Pedal Releases | August 2022: Fuzz Pedals

Best New Pedal Releases | August 2022: Non-Gain Pedals

See you next month!