Congrats to the folks at Coppersound Pedals for landing the Premier Guitar’s prestigious Premier Gear award for their 2-in-1 OD & Boost, the Foxcatcher.

The pedal, which was recently featured in our list of affordable overdrives with a boost footswitch, received a “5 picks” ratings under the “Tones” category with the following praise: “Beautiful, bright mid-gain tones. Flexible tone controls. 18V option. Can be quite transparent.”

Charles Saufley also said in the review that “Foxcatcher works for me because I like extracting AC30-style tones from my Fender amps. Few pedals manage this trick like the Foxcatcher.” You can read the full review here.

Check out the video of the Foxcatcher by Shnobel (Signal chain, guitar into the Foxcatcher then into a TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 into the 1974 Marshal JMP 100w Super Lead):