Neunaber got us accustomed to luscious sounding digital effects, and the Immerse Reverberator takes the most luscious of effects (the reverb) into new territories of sonic splendor. More about the pedal directly from the manufacturer’s site:

The Immerse Reverberator houses eight stereo reverbs — Wet, hall, plate & spring reverbs, two shimmers, Wet+echo, and Wet+detune. Each effect has been painstakingly crafted.

  • Five controls: Effect Select, Effect Level, Reverb Depth, Tone (or Echo Time), Effect Adjust (depends on effect)
  • High-quality buffered bypass with external Trails switch
  • External Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops
  • Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency

Check out the recent video by Dennis Kayzer below.