Our friend Blake Wright reviewed the Wampler Ethereal in the latest issue of Gearphoria, check out the full interview here, and the Pro Guitar Shop video below.

Here’s an excerpt of the Gearphoria review

The Ethereal delay and reverb pedal from the fine folks at Wampler Pedals is sort of akin to sitting in one of those fancy zero-gravity chairs. It gives off the feeling of weightlessness and floating, but without ever losing full control — unless you force the issue. The Ethereal looks to blend a simple, yet lush digital reverb, similar to a plate reverb, with a more complex digital delay to offer up everything from subtle shimmers to full-on ambient swells and raves via an intuitive control set.

Obviously designed with the ambient-lover/shoegaze crowd in mind, the Ethereal isn’t so far gone that it can’t handle some simpler tasks, such as simple slapback delay or just a hint of reverb for expanding the aural aim of a solo section, and always with plenty of dry signal sitting on top.

Read the full review here.