Joyo 1

$40 | The build might not be the finest out there, but at under $40, the Joyo JF-14 American Sound sells like candy and gets 4.5 stars out of 5 on both Amazon and Reverb.

An amp-in-a-box pedal with a large gain range, it emulates a classic ’57 5e3 Deluxe. Voice control allows precise midrange contour and 3-band EQ gives wide tonal shaping possibilities.

We added this stompbox to our article about the best Tweed-style overdrive pedals.

Joyo JF-14 American Sound, Builder’s Notes

• Reproduces the sound of Fd 57 Deluxe amp, performs great sound from clean to driven and everywhere in between which can simulate lots of amplifiers.
• With it’s full 3 band EQ and voice knob you can easily dial in any tone you can think of.
• Adjust for shaping EQ and overdrive response, it can simulate many kinds of Amps.
• Whole aluminium-alloy housing classic stoving varnish finish, stable and strong.
• With small LED flash indicator shows the working state.