Craftros Trident Overdrive

The Craftros Trident is a high-end, solidly built transistor-based drive made in Japan that delivers amp-like tones from low to high gain – there aren’t any diodes in the circuit. The company is relatively new and currently has three dirt boxes on its roster.

The controls are pretty straightforward, with the only exception of the “Fat” knob, which adjusts the amount of distortion and bass.

The toggle in the center is a 3-way Presence switch.

Craftros Trident Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

This is an overdrive pedal with a wide range from low to high gain.

The central distortion–producing parts use transistors rather than diodes, aiming for a tube–like overdrive that makes the most of moderate compression and the guitar’s own original characteristics.

The pedal has a FAT control to adjust the amount of distortion and bass, a treble control to let loose the high frequencies and create a crisp tone, and a presence cut switch to fine–tune the high–frequency overtones produced in deep distortion.

In deep distortion, we recommend starting with the FAT knob at maximum and adjusting downwards to the required amount. For lighter distorted tones, start at twelve o’clock and adjust up or down from there.

• Original designed machined aluminum enclosure
• True Bypass
• Controls : Gain,Volume,Fat,Treble,Presence
• Terminals : 1/4? phone jacks
• Current consumption : approx. 13mA
• Power supply : 9 volt battery [006P], AC adapter
• Dimensions : approx. W78mm x D124mm x H66mm [incl. protuberances like knobs, switches, jacks, etc.] Weight : approx. 1lb