Teisco Fuzz

In early 2018, Singapore-based BandLab Technologies (also owner of MONO) announced the resurrection of legendary Japanese guitar and amp manufacturer Teisco through the release of three new guitar pedals. We are excited to finally see the first third party demo of them, starting with the Teisco Fuzz.

This is a stylish looking silicon fuzz with switchable upper octave and a a simple set of well calibrated controls that can open up a lot of different fuzz sounds. The Tone knob has a wide range and can produce fuzzes from balanced to dark to splatty; the Gain control is also more dynamic/extreme than your average fuzz with a fuller, more aggressive sound when turned all the way up, and an intriguingly ghostly sound when turned all the way down.

With the octave on the pedal produces a synthy, even gnarlier sound, whose edge can be tamed with lower Gain and a darker Tone settings.

Hear the Teisco Fuzz yourself in the following video demos.


The Teisco Fuzz — a classic silicon fuzz circuit with a switchable upper octave that takes inspiration from a furry 70s predecessor. Unlock searing lead lines, gnarly textures, synth-like overtones, and every shade in between.

This pedal comes in a premium zinc housing, with recessed screws, removable feet and a textured base for stronger velcro-sticking.

  • Controls: Level, Gain, Tone, Octave On/Off

  • Power: Standard 9V DC with 2.1mm center-negative barrel

  • Current: 30mA

  • Switching: True bypass, relay switching

  • Dimensions: 72 x 132 x 31.4 mm (w/o feet, 32.8 mm w/ feet)