Ritual Devices Rainmaker

Hand-built in the UK, the Ritual Devices Rainmaker is an analog trem / vibrato that can do standard tremolo or more pitchy vibrato at higher Texture (blend) settings.

The Texture control blends in the effect with your dry signal to achieve Magnatone-esque vibrato sounds. The Tilt knob controls the tone of the modulated signal allowing for darker or brighter pulses.

Ritual Devices Rainmaker, Builder’s Notes

At it’s core, the Rainmaker is a classic amp style, tremolo like vibrato… All analog lushious undulation! This effect is blended with your dry signal to create a multitude of textures from subtle tremolo underneath your dry signal to wild vibrato wobble.

Unlike most tremolo/vibrato pedals, the RAINMAKER concentrates on blending the effect signal with your dry tone. This allows for new textures and more creative tonal options. From subtle rainy day magic to deep desert pulsing, the Rainmaker is for those in search of a new dimension in tremolo and vibrato…

LEVEL – Master output volume control. Turn everything else down and you’ve got yourself a clean boost to boot!
TILT – A vintage style, active hi-fi tone control. This affects only the blended tremolo/vibrato. Fully counter clockwise for deep murky pulses, clockwise for bright, fluttering fluctuation.
DEPTH – Controls the depth of modulation. Lower settings will sound smoother, whilst turning the dial clockwise will increase the distance between wave peaks and troughs, accentuating the pulse intensity.
FREQ – Speed of modulation. low settings for slower speeds, higher for a faster frequency. Use in conjunction with the nameless switch for additional speed control.
TEXTURE – Dry signal is fed into a parallel vibrato controlled by the TEXTURE dial. Using this allows you to dial in the amount of vibrato with your dry signal present. Anti clockwise is fully dry. Between here and around noon on the control will give subtle Tremolo under your guitars signal. at around noon, dry is phased out leaving a pulsing tremolo only. Past halfway there is a more present vibrato pitch wobble, and fully clockwise is both wet and dry.

  • Built and wired entirely by hand.
  • All analog.
  • True Bypass switching.
  • Acid Etched enclosure.
  • +9VDC