TC Electronic Ampworx

Achieving realistic amp-like tones in compact pedal enclosures has recently become a reality, and the abundance of options for customizing your sound-shaping tools within your physical, virtual, or hybrid setups has made it easier and cheaper than ever for guitarists to achieve the much sought-after “sound in their head.” The three pedals in TC Electronic Ampworx series represent the latest tools in this growing niche, each delivering two channels of a legendary vintage guitar amp.

Respectively simulating the tone of a Vox AC30, a Fender Deluxe, and a Marshall JTM45 amp, the DC30, Deluxe ’65, and JIMS 45 preamp pedals offer a lot of useful features, listed below:

  • Two Channels with independent normal and high gain controls and independent tone-shaping options, accessible via the right footswitch
  • Footswitchable 5db boost which can be placed before or after the gain via theĀ pre/postĀ switch
  • Presence Pot and Celestion 4 x 12-inch G12M Creamback Cab Sim, both accessible in the rear panel
  • Dedicated DI for easy integration with DAW, studio setups, and PAs.
  • Headphones output.

TC Electronic Ampworx, Builder’s Notes

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