Formula B Pedals Mini Bender Combo

Italy’s Formula B is developing a reputation for high quality, hand-built effects inspired to classic circuits, and the Mini Bender is their latest creation: a dual voice Tone Bender-inspired pedal that can recreate the tone of the classic vintage Mk 1.5 and the Mk 2, here called “Pro II,” featuring more gain and output.

Notwithstanding the name, this can’t be categorized as a mini pedal, although it’s a lot smaller than the original units from the ’60s, of which it retains the elegant trapezoidal shape, and the two Level and Attack knobs, dealing with volume and gain.

The Formula B Pedals Mini Bender Combo delivers two authentic, slightly different flavors of the hairy, spitting, and aggressive fuzz the Tone Bender is known for, as you can hear in the videos below. We added it to our article about the Best Tone Bender-style Pedals.

The Combo Mini Bender circuit is the holy grail of fuzz. It’s an explosion of harmonics and infinite sustain that melts into feedback.

The ProII/MK1.5 switch makes it two Mini Benders in one.


• Daisy Chain adapter inside
• Mini Bender Combo’s built-in voltage inverter solves the need for a (+) “positive ground” power supply that Tone Benders and other vintage fuzzes require. This means there’s no risk of a short-circuit when sharing a supply and no need to power it by battery only
• Red Status led for high visibility and low power consuption
• True Bypass footswitch
• Lifetime warranty