Missing Link Audio Superb Reverb

The Missing Link Audio Superb Reverb is a Fender Black Face in a box – spring reverb included.

Replicating the crisp and articulate tone and the slightly scooped voicing of the original, this pedal provides a wide range of amp-like tones through the simple interaction between your guitar’s volume and its Gain and Master knobs, without neglecting to provide a 4-way EQ section (knobs for Bass, Mids, and Treble + Presence) that matches the one found in the original amp.

The reverb has a separate footswitch and just a simple knob controlling the amount, although there’s an internal trim pot to tweak things further.

Missing Link Audio Superb Reverb, Builder’s Notes

The Black Face era of amplifiers is still one of the most sought after and recorded tones of all time. And now they just got a lot lighter with the Superb Reverb.

When pushed, black face amplifiers have this wonderful rich tube driven overdrive that every guitar player longs for. In today’s world not every player gets to run their amp at such high volumes to get those tones. That is the reason we took time to develop the perfect super in a pedal platform and also give it that beautiful black face style onboard reverb that can be turned on or off as needed.

The entire configuration plays a big part in the black face sound. Clear, crisp and articulate, yet with very playable dynamics and an appealing breakup when distortion sets in, the black face sonic template is defined by a slightly scooped voicing, with firm lows and somewhat glassy, sparkling highs and this is exactly what the Superb Reverb pedal delivers.

The Superb Reverb is great for country but also perfect for stinging blues and driving rock when cranked up, or even warm rich jazz when dialed back. It is dynamic and articulate no matter what style your are playing.

It has a wide range of tonal control allowing you to dial in the perfect tone for your needs. The gain control lets you adjust the amount of over-driven tube like tones as if you were cranking a super up to 10. You don’t need an extra overdrive to push the superb reverb into saturated lead tones, it naturally does it, The master volume allows you to set the amount of output volume you want delivered to your amp.

It features individual EQ controls for Bass – Mids and Treble and we even added a favorite mod for many by adding a presence control. The pedal allows you to add as much reverb to the mix as you desire, just like those 1960’s style amplifiers. The pedal also allows you to adjust the amount of reverb you want on tap with an internal trim pot that is located on the board.

The Superb Reverb is designed to leave on all of the time and use your guitar’s volume control to dial in great rhythm tones to a perfect lead tone with the turn of the knob. Every component used to build the Superb Reverb is hand picked and tested for exact measurements

You can dial in tones with endless possibilities.

  • True bypass.
  • 9v dc power supply not included.