Haunted Labs Frostbite Fuzz

The Haunted Labs Frostbite is a silicon fuzz that can go from icy cleans to thick, classic fuzz tones via its analog design. As with many fuzz pedals, the tone is set with 3 controls – Fuzz, Level, and Tone.

In any season, the time is right for Frost Bite, a silicon fuzz classic with a barely-concealed lust for mayhem.

To attain tone this awesome, you’ll gladly sacrifice a few fingers and toes.

The Frost Bite dishes out its icy fury via a straightforward three-knob control format – Tone, Fuzz and Level. But beware: the grandiose, punishing sweep of its Fuzz settings exceeds anything that you’ve encountered in this life…or any past life, for that matter.

The pedal’s unique silicon circuit is voiced to provide extended low-end impact and ultra-gnarly mid-high presence. Perfect for ensuring that your solo cuts through the frozen tundra, or dismembering unsuspecting listeners.