uafx 4

Unveiled as part of Universal Audio’s latest Compacts series, the UAFX Evermore pedal stands alongside three other effects, embodying a tribute to the legendary early digital reverbs that resonated throughout the late ’70s and early ’80s music landscape, and that were recently embraced by shoegaze bands. The extra (fixed speed) Modulation knob can be seen as an extra nod to that category of guitarists.

At its core a Room reverb pedal, the Evermore offers three reverb sizes through a mode toggle: Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall. Besides an obvious Mix control, you get a three-way EQ to finely sculpt your reflections.

On the back case two switches allows to activate Trail mode and a Predelay options with two setting (long and short, or off).

UAFX Evermore, Builder’s Notes

Explore the beyond with the lush ambient sound of vintage digital.

  • Evermore Studio Reverb gives you the grainy ambient tails and mesmerizing modulations of the iconic late-’70s early-digital device, in a compact, elegantly crafted stompbox.
  • Sculpt three-dimensional effects with bit?for?bit vintage digital reverb algorithms
  • Experience iconic Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall programs and lush modulation textures
  • Craft stunning soundscapes with vintage-correct Bass, Mid, and Treble decay lines
  • Count on timeless UA craftsmanship, built for decades of dependable performance

Explore the Atmosphere with Bit?for?Bit Authenticity
Built upon the award-winning Hall 224 algorithms found in our flagship Golden Reverberator, Evermore Studio Reverb gives you the stunning ambient effects of the classic hardware used on decades of iconic guitar sounds, right on your pedalboard.

Add Three Classic Digital Programs to your Pedalboard
With iconic Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall effects, Evermore gives you the exact spaces of the original studio classic. And the simple, “vintage correct” Treble, Mid, Bass decay lines and Mod control ensure perfectly sculpted ambience, from subtle to experimental.

Show Out with a Rugged, Simple Stompbox
Built for a lifetime of dependable service, Evermore Studio Reverb’s switchable true/trails bypass and short/long Pre-delay switch ensures your journey through the vintage digital beyond is safe and enjoyable.