a800 ss 250 hq

Universal Audio now has a plugin version of the Studer A800 tape machine. With a selection of controls to tweak – from tape speed and tape formula to calibration type, hiss, and hum – you can ‘hit the tape’ as hard as you like, and fine-tune the tone. While it’s a multichannel plugin, the handy ‘gang’ control adjusts any parameter globally, which is nice if you’re running it on every track. The A800 is considered one of the best 2″ recorders ever made, known for its warmth, clarity, and great low-end impact… some people say you can’t beat the real thing, but consider that the plugin version weighs 900lbs less. Sonic Scoop has more:

“…the A800 plug-in is a first of its kind product, modeled by UA’s DSP engineers with help from AES magnetic recording expert Jay McKnight over a 12-month period. The plug-in models the entire tape path and circuit electronics of the classic hardware, plus the sounds of four distinct tape formulas.”

Link to read the rest of the article on SonicScoop.com.

Mike Bauer