Stoll Mullet Two Channel Drive

A sturdy and transparent pedal hand-made in Germany, the Stoll Effects Mullet Drive is a two-channel overdrive offering a wide range of tones, from smooth vintage overdrive to aggressive modern sounds, designed to sound great with both single coil and humbucking guitars.

The Yellow Channel leans towards the in-your-face rock’n’roll side of things, featuring an additional germanium diode in the Mosfet gain stage, producing asymmetrical distortion with a touch of fuzz. Ideal for both humbucker and single-coil guitars.

The Red Channel provides balanced Mosfet distortion, perfect for tube amp clipping. It suits more subtle driven sounds from the ’60s to modern pop/rock, allowing you to dial in the perfect level of distortion.

The device boasts high-quality components, including Nichicon capacitors, Amtrans resistors, Alpha Taiwan components, and Neutrik sockets, for exceptional sound and reliability.

Each pedal features a hand-printed color gradient, making it unique. Check out the video of it!