Way Huge’s Muff-style fuzz series has gotten a new smaller version, the Way Huge Swallen Pickle Smalls, aka MkIII, which replicates the venerable fuzz circuit adding – you guessed it – more tone-shaping possibilities.

Instead of the standard Muff “tone” knob, the typical Loudness and Sustain controls are integrated with a high-end roll-off Filter. The Scoop toggle can add extra midrange punch while the Crunch one triggers a more compressed or open sound.

The latest “regular size” version of this pedal is MKII. It’s about 1/3rd bigger than the Smalls one but replaces the Scoop and Crunch toggle switches with two mini knobs that allow a wider variety of tones.

See also the company’s Russian Pickle for a Green Russian-inspired design.

We added this pedal to our article about the best Muff pedals and variants.