buchla special

On Sunday October 22nd, the 2023 edition of the Brooklyn Synth & Pedal Expo will host a two-hour special about Buchla, with appeareances of master synthesists Mort Subotnick and Steve Horelick, an industry poanel featuring Buchla owner Eric Fox, and a workshop about the reissue of the Buchla Music Easel.

Here’s the schedule of the events, they are all free with RSVP:

Where: BK Synth Expo’s Theater at 100 Sutton St, Brooklyn.

Sunday October 22:
12.00 pm Industry Panel: Standing Out in a Crowded (Left) Field
12.45 pm Steve H’s “Live Wires (with modular and pedals)”
1.30 pm Morton Subotnick Keynote
2.30 pm Buchla Music Easel: The Original Electronic Music Box