The Carl Martin Tone Tweaker has been in development for a considerable time and stands as one of the final projects influenced by Søren Jongberg, the man behind the Carl Martin brand who is also known as Mr. Tone Tweaker, in collaboration with house engineer Thomas Guldmann.

Sturdy and shiny, the Tone Tweaker is a 12db boost with a versatile 3-band equalizer, offering precise control over Mid, Treble, and Bass frequencies, and extra headroom thanks to increased voltage operations. Whether you seek to add warmth to your mids, brightness to your highs, or depth to your lows, the Tone Tweaker provides the tools to sculpt your sound with precision.

The top-mounted in/out jacks and compact design maximize pedalboard space and ensure a tidy setup. Its buffered bypass preserves signal strength and tone integrity, maintaining your sound’s consistency even when the pedal is disengaged.

Ideal for both live performances and studio recordings, the Tone Tweaker can be a useful addition to your rig.