Mattoverse Just a Phase

Phaser is an effect that has experienced a creative resurgence as of late. The Mattoverse Just a Phase pedal is a rather simple phaser with Tap Tempo that puts at your disposal eight LFO modes, including some unconventional ones like random square and slopes, ramp etc, in a compact case.

The other two knobs deal with depth and rate duties.

With an all analog signal path, 8 digitally controlled waveforms, and on-board tap-tempo, the new Just A Phase Phaser from Mattoverse Electronics is more than just another phaser.

While the smooth sine and sweep waveform options cover all of your favorite classic phaser sounds, the harder edged square and ramp waveforms delve into harmonic-tremolo territory and the random square and slopes waveform options cap off an eclectic collection of unique phaser tones.

This pleasing panoply of fabulous phaser sounds is captured in a compact pedalboard friendly pedal with top mounted jacks and a simple and intuitive 3 knob control layout (character/depth, rate, and waveform).