Soma Cosmos

The Soma Cosmos is a stereo pedal offering dynamic looping that evolves as you play and layer sounds.

Four creative algorithms affect your sounds differently, featuring a mix of delays, reverb, and a granular mode. Five footswitches control vital parameters crossfading between on and off states. Several knobs (Blur, Drift, Suppressor) offer extra control.

The idea at the base of this device is to deliver dynamic looping that evolves as you play and layer sounds. Drawing inspiration from the innovative work of Brian Eno and Robert Fripp in Frippertronics (tape looping), Cosmos’ four algorithms impart unique and creative stereo processing at 32-bit/48kHz.

The delay feature comes in two forms: two delay lines or four delay lines, each sliding in relation to the other. The expansive reverb simulates a colossal imaginary hall, measuring in the kilometer range, while the granular mode introduces an asynchronous granular looper that randomly traverses the memory buffer.

Switching between algorithms seamlessly doesn’t overwrite audio in the buffer and avoids disruptive clicks or dropouts. The five footswitches offer hands-free control over crucial parameters, employing crossfading between on and off states for smooth transitions. The Record footswitch enables quick engagement of recording to capture audio in the buffer. Cosmos also includes a high and low pass filter with three cutoff frequencies each, along with a Reverse switch to reverse sections of incoming audio. The Erase switch removes portions of the loop with a quick press or completely erases the buffer with a two-button press.

In addition to the footswitches, the knobs play a crucial role in shaping the sound. Blur introduces cross-feedback between delay lines for a blurred and smeared effect, while Drift adds slow panning modulations, allowing individual panning for the delay lines. The Drive control imparts a crunchy texture by distorting and overdriving the audio, and the Suppressor/Compressor knob serves a dual purpose, overwriting the audio buffer with new sounds and emphasizing softer sounds through auto-leveling.

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