Screwed Circuitz Irvine's Fuzz

Hailing from Montreal, the Screwed Circuitz Irvine’s Fuzz is an aggressive, creative and unusual fuzz with some peculiar features.

Presented by the builder as a “lo-fi fuzz with a wide tone range and endless sustain,” this pedal has some sonic affinities with the Big Muff, but the second footswitch (which triggers the Wobble effect) takes it in a different direction, adding, before the distortion, a square tremolo/stutter modulation whose speed can be controlled through the Wobble knob.

The fuzz sound can be set through the remaining three knobs (a classic Volume, Disto and Tone configuration) providing a wide palette of fuzz possibilities.

Here are the videos.

Screwed Circuitz Irvine’s Fuzz

Here’s the thing, if a lo-fi fuzz with a wide tone range and endless sustain inspires your creative process to compose something unique, then I strongly suggest:

Irvine’s Fuzz.
As an added feature, we decided to include a wobble effect with an adjustable rate just because we love it!

Adding movement to a chaotic nightmare oddly becomes a hypnotic dreamy soundscape. There’s a lot of power enclosed in this box. Keep it under control with a volume for your output. A red LED will indicate if you’re in true bypass, fuzz or wobble mode.

9v any polarity to make your life easier.

Side note:

The design for our enclosure was inspired by an old photograph of my great-great-grand-father from Ireland. This is my homage to him and my ancestors from Shanagolden, Limerick.