Sabbadius Fillmore East Funky-Vibe

Sabbadius Electronics is an Argentinian stompbox manufacturer that proud itself for building all its devices by hand, using only carefully selected parts.

Their new, 2020 Edition of the Fillmore East Funky-Vibe is said to perfectly capture the “chewy” sound of the Uni-Vibes Jimi Hendrix played in 1969 and 1970, something no other uni-vibe emulation is able to authentically recreate. We added it to our article about Best Univibe Pedals.

This is the manufacturer’s reasoning in this regard:

When Honey UNICORD filed for bankruptcy and switched to Shin-ei Companion there where some parts used in the 1968 and some other in 1969 that were mixed, so this version is a mix of the 68 & 69 and a plus for this version is that the FILLMORE EAST has old vintage photocells that gives to the sound in my opinion some kind of “MOJO”.

The FILLMORE EAST Funky-Vibe Special Edition 2020 use Custom Made Photocells (CdS) made exclusively for Sabbadius taking care on the resistance and responce in LUX exactly as the Old Vintage Photocells

The pedal itself has the same controls of an original Uni-Vibe (including the Chorus/Vibrato switch), plus a Speed knob which in the original unit was controlled exclusively by a separate pedal.

It also features 2 footswitches: one for regular on/off operations, while the other one, Cancel, allows you to use the pedal as a Pre-Amp with the character and color of the original Uni-Vibe effect.

Check out this video of the Sabbadius Fillmore East Funky-Vibe, 2020 Edition by RJ Ronquillo.