Poly Digit

Australian Poly Effects has been making a splash with its unique touchscreen-based guitar pedals and at NAMM 2020 introduced a new one, called Digit, (Loki Davidson came to our NAMM Stompbox Booth to shoot a video of it, at the bottom of this post).

The touchscreen, of course, opens up a lot of possibilities, defying hardware constraints regular stompboxes are forced to obey. The Digit is a multi-effect that packs a lot: you can chain your delay, reverb, freeze effects, and more, in series, or parallel, with unprecedented routing options thanks to four ins and four outs; Powerful EQ and compression algorithms allow for precise tone and dynamic sculpting; Simulations of real-world spaces are selectable, and it’s all easily done by touchscreen, with three configurable footswitches and two knobs for those parameters that require “old-style” on-the-fly adjustments. Tap Tempo, Midi compatibility and plenty of preset slots to store your favorites round out the features.

The Poly Digit is now shipping and you can see a few videos of it below.

Modification system
The parameters in digit can be controlled with the on board modification system. If you want wetter delay on the 1 beat, filtered reverb when you dig in, ducked repeats, it’s all possible. Digit has on board LFOs/envelope generator and envelope followers. You can modify these wit a slew limiter.

Flexible routing
Effects can be run in any order or into each other and you also have up to 3 inserts / effects loops. This allows you to have a pedal just effecting one of your delays repeats while another pedal effects your reverb tail or for you to mix different chains. This isn’t just an effect loop though, it’s a mixer. Levels can be changed by the modifiers so you can play harder and get more of the effect or the amount of effect can change over time.


  • 4 in / 4 out
    MIDI input and output on TRS (2 X 5pin DIN adapters supplied)
  • 5″ touch screen
  • Multiple built in effects on wet paths including EQ, compressor, saturation, reverse, tape / tube emulation and more
    All main effects can run at once
  • Flexible routing
  • Tap tempo with multi-master sync
  • Many reverb types
  • Can modulate delay time
  • Individual subdivisions and full control per delay.
  • Very short to very long delay (microseconds to 30 seconds)
  • Weird ratios possible.
  • Ludicrous number of presets slots
  • Preset browser for easy navigation
  • Many built in cabinet IRs.
  • 9V 500ma power required
  • Size: 152 X 125.5 X 69mm
  • approx. 6″ x 5″ x 2 3/4″

Get the manual here.