It’s always interesting when an established pedal video maker like GearManDude posts a video about a stompbox by a lesser known manufacturer. In this case, the dude focused his camera on the Distortion MKII, a pedal by Dutch boutique manufacturer Roger That Electronics.

Here’s some info about the pedal directly from the manufacturer’s website:

The RogerThat Distortion MKII pedal is designed to have a clear high gain sound, an aggressive attack, low noise and a wide audio spectrum. Above all, it is a professional Rock/Metal distortion that has the sound of modern leading, high gain tube amplifiers.

The RogerThat Distortion MKII is handmade and assembled with carefully selected and tested high quality components to ensure maximum results concerning reliability and quality, giving an excellent sound. The RogerThat Distortion MKII was built by using multiple stages of JFET clipping, a high pass filter and an OPAMP based BODY BOOST to achieve a wide variety of sounds.

The RogerThat™ Distortion is created in coorporation with guitarist/producer/mixing artist John McRIS ( It was designed to have a hard punch/attack with a cut-through sound. Clarity of all strings and still sound heavy was a goal during the designing period.