Will tremolo ever get out of fashion? Probably not! Here’s a beautiful demo by Mike Hermans of Jam Pedals’ Big Chill, an extremely flexible tremolo effect that’s turning 10 this year! This is one of the Greek manufacturers more successful designs to date.

More info directly from the manufacturer’s website below!

The Big Chill has a slew of functions that will take you from lush smooth tremolo sounds found in vintage Fender® amps, to strobe-like chop effects capable of slicing through any mix!

It features :

  • Square – Sine – Triangle waveform selector toggle-switch
  • 4 control knobs for Level, Depth, Speed 1, Speed 2
  • Foot-switch to select between Speed 1 / Speed 2
  • Foot-switch for the CHOP effect ! (the DEPTH control is not working when the CHOP effect is engaged. This is perfectly normal – just give a quick listen to the CHOP effect inaction and you’ll understand why !)
  • Expression pedal input jack to control Speed 2*
  • Expression pedal input jack to control depth (the Depth control on the pedal sets the maximum depth for the travel of the expression pedal)*
  • Internal trimmer to adjust the Speed 2 level
  • Internal trimmer to adjust the CHOP effect level
  • The Big Chill can also be used as a clean boost – just set the Depth control to zero, and adjust the Level to your preference.More info here.