ELM Effects Sky Bridge

Designed by pedal videographer Eric Merrow as an all-in-one gain solution for any pedalboard, the ELM Effects Sky Bridge (initially presented under the Lefty Guitars Daily The Cannon moniker) is multi-gain stage overdrive featuring an extra boost with separate footswitch and controls.

The amount of boost can be controlled through the orange knob and it’s placed before the drive, which delivers articulate and dynamic overdriven and -at higher settings – distorted tones, while the two EQ knobs cut or boost bass and treble frequencies, providing extra tone-sculpting options.

Check out the videos of the Sky Bridge, below.

The Sky Bridge is designed to be an all-in-one gain solution for your pedalboard. The cascading boost & drive circuits allow for many different combos & types of gain staging for your instrument. Each circuit can be turned on/off independently. With both circuits engaged, the boost runs into the drive. The active two band EQ section gives you the power to shape your ideal drive sound. The drive circuit (noted in blue) is very dynamically reactive to your playing and focuses on producing clear and articulate gain. The boost circuit (noted in orange) is voiced to retain your instrument’s fundamental tone and add a touch of clarity and sparkle to your sound. From light drive to full blown fuzz – The Sky Bridge delivers as much gain as you want!

Level: Overall output volume. The Sky Bridge has plenty of volume to push the front of your amp or other pedals down your signal chain.

Drive: Amount of gain and breakup in the drive circuit. Low settings yield cleaner sounds and higher settings give you fully distorted sounds.

Low: Active control for bass. At noon you get no boost or cut. Turn the knob below noon to cut bass. Turn the knob up past noon to boost bass.

High: Active control for treble. At noon you get no boost or cut. Turn the knob below noon to cut treble. Turn the knob up past noon to boost treble.

Boost: Amount of volume boost – engaged with the boost footswitch.