Master Effects Vintage Germanium Boost

The Master Effects Vintage Germanium Boost is a treble booster variant with hand-picked 2N1306 germanium transistors and a rather unconventional range knob.

It boosts the same frequencies as the original when turned all the way to the left, and adds lower frequencies to the boost as you turn it clockwise, becoming a full-frequency boost when it’s all the way to the right.

Check out in action in this video.

Master Effects Vintage Germanium Boost, Builder’s Notes

The Vintage Germanium Boost is our variation on the classic Rangemaster treble booster.

We took the original circuit and tweaked it:

First, we adapted it to be used with a standard 9V power supply (not a positive ground power supply) so that it can be used with virtually every other pedal on the market. We tried several different germanium transistors but we settled on the 2N1306 as the standard, but we can use virtually any NPN Germanium transistor. We are no longer offering NOS Soviet germanium transistors as an option..

Next, we added a range control to give you control of what frequencies are boosted. Turn it completely counterclockwise and you have the same frequency boost as the original Rangemaster. As you turn it clockwise more bass frequencies will be boosted until you reach full clockwise and all frequencies are boosted.

Great for adding some sparkle to your clean tone or pushing your amp into sweet overdrive.

Features include: Soft-touch relay true bypass Powder coated 125B enclosure with top-mount jacks

UV printed dymo label-style graphics high quality PCB