Sold in a packaging openly inspired by Ikea’s build-it-yourself products, the JHS NOTAKLÖN is a somewhat parodic DYI kit of what’s presented as an overdrive pedal utilizing “the unique “Shamrock” modification that the Kansas City company performed on the *Klon KTR for several years” – although the name seems to imply this is not really a Klon clone.

However, the video comparison with a real Klon by Living Room Demos (below) shows that yes, this, indeed, ISAKLON, and one that will only cost you $99, plus a varying amount of time spent assembling it!

The controls are identical to the ones found on a Klon KTR: three knobs for Volume, Treble and Gain and a two-way switch, doubled here as the “Shamrock Mod Switch” which – to quote the builder – “increases the overall gain +4dB for unmatched boost abilities with an increase in mid frequencies and an additional stage of hard-edge clipping.”