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Atmospheric reverb and delay pedals have a very devote niche audience that goes beyond the realm of electric guitar players.

The Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb/Delay is the fruit of a collaboration between two musicians active in bands that – unsurprisingly – would find this stompbox very useful: Bryan Laurenson from avant-indie band Copeland and post-rock ambient project  This Will Destroy You.

The unit offers a lush and dreamy reverb with decay control on the left and a warm, PT2399 chip based 1000ms delay with feedback knob on the right. Each effects has its own on/off soft footswitch.

The three toggle switches turn trails mode on/off trails, and trigger the footswitches’ momentary function called “Burst Mode” – which does this:

 Burst Mode allows you to change either or both of the footswitches to a momentary function. This means you engage the effect only while you are holding down on the footswitch, allowing you specific bursts of delay and/or reverb while you play. This is best utilized when the pedal is set to very wet settings.

Check out the video by, below!

The Prelude is a dreamy delay & reverb unit capable of both subtle ambience and washed out atmosphere.


·Trails/True Bypass Toggle Switch
·Top Mounted Jacks
·Soft Touch Footswitches
·Separate Delay and Reverb EQ Tone Switches
·Burst Mode (Read more in FAQ)
·Custom Steel Knobs
·Quiet Theory Gravity Guitar Pick
·Embroidered Patch & Prelude Lapel Pin