arley Benton Duality Delay+Reverb

The Harley Benton Duality is a mono pedal comprised of a 3-mode digital delay and digital reverb whose algorithms were licensed from Mooer and featured in the Japanese brand’s original mini pedals.

Joined together in a single enclosure, they form this new affordable delay+reverb pedal that can be cleverly routed in three different ways at the flick of a toggle:

  • Delay into Reverb
  • Reverb into Delay
  • Separate channels (in this mode they won’t play at the same time)

The Reverb offers modes for Studio, Church and Plate, while the Delay can deliver Analog and Tape-style 5 ms – 780 ms repeats and a “Real” mode that stands for digital. Three knobs for each effect allow to adjust Mix, Decay and Tone on the reverb’s side and Time, Level and Feedback on the delay one.

Hear the Duality in action in the video below. We added it to our article about the best delay & reverb pedal combos.

Harley Benton Duality, Builder’s Notes

Packing in a reverb and delay in a single unit, the Duality is a one-stop solution for your time-based effects. Effect A includes three high-quality reverb modes: studio, church and plate. Then Effect B gives you three different delay types: Analog (classic analog stompbox delay), Real (space delay), and Tape (vintage tape delay). An impressive delay time of 5ms-780ms should satisfy even the most demanding players. Of course, as with all Dual Pedal series of pedals, you can use the effects individually, or together, and in any order you like.


  • Digital dual delay & reverb
  • 2 Effects can be used simultaneously or individually and in any order
  • Effect A: high-quality reverb with 3 different modes: Studio / Church / Plate
  • Controls: Mix, Tone, Decay
  • Mode switch
  • On/Off footswitch with LED indicator
  • Effect B: digital delay with 3 different delay types: Analogue (classic analogue stompbox delay), Real Echo (space delay), Tape Echo (vintage tape delay)
  • Delay time: 5 ms – 780 ms
  • Controls: Level, Feedback, Time
  • 3-Way mode switch
  • On/Off footswitch with LED indicator
  • 3-Way switch for effect order and 100% wet mode
  • True bypass design
  • Powered by a 9 V DC power supply (not included, suitable power supply: art. #409939#)
  • Power consumption: 200 mA@+@+*Note:*No battery operation possible