rockett Pedals JET series pedals

J. Rockett Audio Designs has just released four new limited-edition mini JET Series pedals as a thank you to its customers after 10 years in business.

“We wanted to create a limited run series of pedals that all of our players would appreciate as Pro Quality products” says company cofounder Chris Van Tassel. “The whole idea behind the Jet Series is to supply the staple effects for any guitar rig and remain portable, affordable and no compromise in tone.”

rockett Pedals JET lineup

Each mini JET Series pedal is 25 percent smaller than the company’s standard Tour series pedals. The company describes the lineup as follows:

Touch Overdrive: “Huge range of gain and ultra touch sensitivity for any style.”

Steampunk Buffer/Boost: “25+dB clean boost with switchable on/off buffer”

Immortal Echo: “Analog dry signal and warm repeats for addictive ethereal sounds”

Squeegee Compressor: “Quiet and classic compression tone from Summers to Knopfler”

Each pedal is made in the U.S. The pedals are available now online at J. Rockett’s website and from J. Rockett Audio Design dealers. Check them out in the video below.