unnamed (5)Pigtronix has been at the forefront of innovative guitar pedal design for quite some time, and even though the New York based company in recent years has been shifting a lot of attention and resources to their freshly acquired amp line Supro,  we are glad to report that the two new Echolution 2 stompboxes are nothing short of exciting and inspiring.

One of the most versatile delay pedals on the market, the Echolution 2 is capable of creating the most intricate delay sounds around, so much so that even the Edge would continue to find new sonic ground to explore.

The biggest update is to the firmware running the Echolution2 , and can be implemented into any of the company’s Echolution brand pedals. Augmented features include a freeze control (a looper-like function), MIDI sync, and pitch change options available via almost every effect parameter. Combin this with the already exhaustive parameters and you have a knob tweaker’s paradise.

Pigtronix even released two different versions of the pedal, the Ultra Pro and Filter Pro, the latter geared towards players interested in having more immediate access to control of the filter and pitch shifting section, and PC/Mac application to support the near endless sound design potential of this platform.

Added features include up to 12 seconds of delay time, and taps which can be subdivided in any number of ways, enabling nearly endless rhythmic functions. Most people approach a new pedal asking “What can this thing do?”, but the new Echolution 2 begs the question – “What can’t this thing do?” – Brandon Stoner