As a big fan of reverb effects, I love to see what different stompbox manufacturers are coming up with, and even though I really appreciate “deep” pedals with lots of options for what they can offer, I’m often blown away by simple devices that do just one thing, but do it extremely well. Chuck Pedals has created a solid little unit called the Blue Dream, which belongs to this category.

If you’re just looking for a splash of Fender-like spring reverb, this pedal definitely has you covered. It really opens up and it’s capable of some long reverb sounds as well (up to 2.85 seconds!). It can even cover some chorus territory when you turn up the mix knob!

The Blue Dream isn’t one of those pedals that creates crazy reverb sounds, but what it does produce is a versatile, organic reverb. Placed it between single-coil pickups and a nice clean amp, and the dream tone is served. – Brandon Stoner