New releases by Keeley Electronics always tickle the wallet of many pedal aficionados. We are detecting an above average amount of buzz for the company’s new high gain distortion that’s about to drop in stores, called Filaments, maybe because the stompbox in question doesn’t have one, nor two, but THREE stages of gain, which, in our book, beats any amp with the volume going to 11!

Add to that seven layers of EQ (that’s what it says on the pedal’s page) and subtract five stages of grief you almost certainly won’t experience after buying it, and, for just $198, you’ve got yourself a very tempting deal.

Of course, the beast here is not for delicate souls – this is a device engineered with (brutal) metalheads in mind:

Level and Gain set the stage for rich layers of high gain tube-amp saturation.
Bass and Body give you the punch and authority of a gain monster no matter what size amp you are playing.
Have an amp that’s hard to push?  The Boost and Crunch switches give you two different levels of gain and compression to get your edge just right for your tone.
The Presence control works with the Bright control to give any guitar or pickup combination the authority to stand up and shout.
Lastly, the Treble control gives you that added range of highs to make your amp sing.

With all this flexibility, the Filament promises to adapt comfortably to any metal style you can think of. Check out the demo videos below.