After winning The Deli’s Best of 2015 LA Poll for Emerging Artist, in 2016 James Supercave went on to deliver on that “promise” with their perfect 2016 full length debut ‘Better Strange.’ This is one of those bands able to marry, in their songs, utter catchiness with a tense darkness and an overall enigmatic aura. We asked them to tell us about their favorite pedals and synths, and this is what we got.


Photo by Ruby Villalobos


Andre?s-ii---sunface“This is my Analogman Sunface. It’s one of my favorite pedals on my board. I spent months looking for this pedal, trying every fuzz I could get my hands on. I wanted something that could get nasty but could also have enough clarity to make out notes in a chord. This thing nailed it. At full blast it can conjure a Hendrix-ian tower of tone with sustain for days. Rolling off the knobs a bit and it can get a creamy stoner rock distortion. Very tasty. I use this guy quite a bit in James Supercave. You can hear it going through an octave pedal on the outro solo of “The Right Thing” starting at 3:59.”


Pat-ii---prophetDave Smith’s Prophet ’08 is the most-loved instrument in my rig, both for touring and recording. It’s huge but warm, it cuts through mixes but doesn’t overwhelm – just an all-around incredible instrument. And made by a living genius, I should add. In terms of Supercave, you can hear it on maybe half the material, that’s out there in some form or another. We use it in turns for bass, pads, hi end leads, arpeggiated stuff, druggy soundscape type moments – you name it. Check out the bridge on “Overloaded” around 3:15 — I think there’s four or five different layers of Prophet ’08 in that section, and the feeling is massive.