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The smallsound/bigsound‘s Team Awesome! Fuzz Machine has all the features of a classic germanium fuzz pedal, but includes a few interesting quirks that lift it a cut above other comparable stompboxes. The interface is easy to understand after a short amount of tinkering, with a dry channel controlled by volume and gain parameters, and a wet channel controlled by volume, fuzz, and shape (tone control) parameters.

Next to the clean channel, there are two different mid-boost hand switches and at the bottom, bypass and gate foot switches. Add a little extra grit to the already grimy wet mix, or push your clean mix into gain-y, but still manageable and wide, territory (my favorite use of this pedal) by flipping either or both mid-boosters, or let your tone reach screeching banshee levels by dialing up the shape knob. No matter what you’re using it for, get ready for this pedal to seriously beef up your sound – it’s also very popular among bass players, and as a matter of fact, it was designed primarily as a distortion pedal for bass.

The only draw back I noticed on the pedal was the noise gate’s volatility; it gets really tight really fast. Nonetheless, it’s another fun facet to explore.

From the beautiful Phil Elvrum-style illustration on the front face to the extremely wide variety of sounds and timbres you can get it to generate, the TAFM capitalizes on the sound of smallsound/bigsound’s already excellent more basic fuzz pedals, and pushes it even further with details that come together to offer more great sounding options. – Eric Steven Werner

Check out this demo courtesy of FuzzHugger Effects: