All Pedal Love Machine

The All Pedal Love Machine is a modern take on the vintage Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1, which was the first fuzz pedal ever which famously provided the tone for the unforgettable guitar riff in Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. The Love Machine is not a clone but an evolution of that circuit and introduces a blendable octave-up not found in the original.

Another new feature of this pedal is an EQ toggle switch, placed in the center of the case, that integrates the Tone knob by pushing the mids to give your tone even more edge.

Hand-built with quality components in Kentucky, this is a pedal by a builder with a growing profile primarily focused on modernizing classic stompbox circuits.

We added the Love Machine to our article about the best Maestro FZ-1 clones and variants.

All Pedal Love Machine, Builder’s Notes

The Love Machine™ is our tribute to one of the most sought after, classic fuzz circuits from the rich tonal history of fuzz. The Love Machine™ is dripping with vintage, chewy, organic fuzz tones, and a blendable octave up for cutting through the mix.

If you are looking for great vintage fuzz tones and impeccable build quality, the Love Machine™ is what you’re after.


  • Size: 4.7″ x 2.6″ (121mm x 66m)
  • Power: 9V Power Jack (battery connector inside)
  • Power Draw: 8mA
  • True Bypass