Mojo Hand FX Swim Team
The Mojo Hand FX Swim Team is an original take on the quad chorus design teamed up with a vintage-inspired flanger, accessible through a push button in the middle of the pedal.

It’s quite uncommon for a compact chorus to have a flanger mode (traditionally, chorus pedals have a Vibrato mode), and this difference makes the Swim Team a very versatile pedal, which, by the way, can also deliver classic early chorus tones in Flanger mode at low feedback settings.

The controls here are for Depth, Rate, and Mix (in Chorus mode) or Feedback (in Flanger mode).

Check out the first video of the Mojo Hand FX Swim Team, we added it to our article about the best chorus pedals.

Mojo Hand FX Swim Team, Builder’s Notes

The Mojo Hand Swim Team features an original quad chorus design teamed up with a vintage inspired flanger together in one compact package. The two programs are push button selectable, and offer many variations of these two “swimmy” sounding effects. Classic early chorus effect is also attainable by using lower feedback in the Flanger setting, making the Swim Team one of the most versatile and easy to dial in modulation pedals of it’s kind!

-Pushbutton selects the desired effect; Chorus in the up position, Flanger in down position.
-Rate controls the speed of the selected effect
-Depth controls the depth of the selected effect
-Mix/Feedback – In the Chorus mode, Mix controls the wet/dry ratio. In the Flanger mode, this controls the amount of Feedback amount in the Flanger mode creating deeper notches increasing flanger intensitity.

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~70mA

Dimensions: 4.42″ L x 2.39″ W x 1.24″ H