Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Aug 2, 2012

The VFE Distortion3 houses three classic low-to-medium gain distortions in one small tweakable enclosure. enclosure. This pedal simulates the MXR Distortion+ made famous by Randie Rhoads as well as the DOD 250 and MXR MicroAmp. While all of these classic 70’s and 80’s pedals have the same basic circuit, the Distortion3 allows the user to toggle between the appropriate diode for each pedal: germanium (Dist+), Silicon (DOD250) and Diode Lift (MicroAmp). The Distortion3 also adds a switch for additional clipping options – you can choose assymetrical, MosFET or clean. In addition, the D3 features a filter to smooth out some of the harsher frequencies as well as a lo or hi-fi tonal options. As with the original Distortion+, the Distortion3 features a nice warm crunch at low-gain settings. This is not a pedal that features unlimited gain for metal or saturated shoe-gaze tones. Instead, the Distortion3 delivers a variety of amp-like boosts. In fact, I found this pedal performed best when stacked with other overdrive or distortion circuits – the germanium boost in particular was a great way to add a layer of nastiness to single coils fed through an already overdriven rig. Introducing the Distortion3 into an already functional pedal board will allow the user a huge variety of tonal possibilities. The D3 is definitely a pedal-head’s pedal – perfect for sculpting subtle shifts in crunch possibilities and conjuring up singing leads as well as raw raunch.