Li'l Tooter (Fart Pedal Mini)

While most pedal builders get into effect engineering as a way of chasing the “sound that’s in their head,” Steve Gadlin took an entirely subversive approach to pedal-making: he wanted to create a stompbox that recreated the sound that’s in everyone’s… rear end. He succeeded big time.

The first release of his company Fart Dot Pizza was the Fart Pedal, a now sold-out device that did what was expected of it, with flair, but no odor – while taking the community of pedal lovers by storm.

But those guitarists who need to put their hands on a foot-triggered tooting thing should not dispair: the successor of the Fart Pedal is already here, in a smaller enclosure: enter the Li’l Tooter!

It’s loaded with 30 high-quality bespoke fart sound effects, which trigger randomly as you pluck your strings, and, from what we hear, it can deliver both tighter and looser fart tones, but – ATTENTION! – it does NOT do transparent farts.

There’s no video out there of the Li’l Tooter as far as we can tell, so you can enjoy some classic ones of its predecessor.

Li’l Tooter (Fart Pedal Mini), Builder’s Notes

The Li’l Tooter is a small guitar effects pedal that packs a farty wallop!

The Li’l Tooter is The Fart Pedal’s little brother. It’s loaded with 30 high quality bespoke fart sound effects, which trigger randomly as you pluck your strings. Its small form factor and value pricing mean it can find a home on any pedal board, and its colorful custom artwork will attract as much attention as its juicy sploots.

The Li’l Tooter must be powered by a standard 9V power supply. Controls include a foot switch, and a knob to control the output level of the bodacious butt bombs.

The Li’l Tooter includes:

– One (1) Li’l Tooter guitar pedal

– One (1) 4″ Fart Pedal logo decal